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"Complete the Ark."

I have only been playing Ark for 2 months, but I have an idea to help with the imbalance of Official servers "bobs" vs. mega tribes. I would like to suggest a prestige system. Obviously In Ark those who are new like me wish there could be some sort of server wipe to give us the feel of a competitive chance with the big wigs.

Looking from the mega tribes point of view, if Ark wiped me, id be frustrated! Ark can't do this. To many dedicated players would quit. BUT, from a new player perspective, I will never play official dedicated servers because I do not have a chance. I joined the game too late, and other people have c4 to spare so they are server wiping just for fun. Its not going to happen.

A ranked system wouldn't need to be a huge change. Heck, it wouldn't even need to delete the current servers. I am suggesting Ark transitions the currently MANY empty servers to a ranked system. 

Here is how it would work.

1. Official servers still exist. They are separate from ranked, and mega tribes can keep playing and that whole environment can exist the same as it is today. Current players won't lose a thing.

2. After ranked servers were dedicated as "ranked", these server will have a "Rank" assigned. All players start on "Fiber" servers. These servers only allow a player to progress as far as the stone age probably level 19. In order to move to a "Metal age" or "Wood Tier" server, you must finish the stone age, and craft an object that allows you to "prestige". This object could be a small statue, a smoke signal, etc. etc. etc that allow them to leave the server. (THERE WOULD BE NO SERVER HOPPING.)

3. When you leave the server from completing the objective, you start over. Level one. No engrams, none of your old dinos, just the potential to get further than you did last time, with a promise of rewards (i will explain later) in the future if you continue. Tiers could look like this. "Fiber (level cap 19), Wood (Level cap 39), Stone (Level cap 59), Metal (level cap 79), Fabricated (Level Cap 89), Tek (Level cap 100). Maybe 6 tiers is too many, but I would let the devs figure out their numbers to avoid overpopulation and under population etc. 

4. At the end of the ranked "season" rewards would be given. These would be permanent access to SKINS for yourself and your dinos. These could not be traded or given to others. You cannot drop them, you can only destroy them. They can only be placed on YOUR tames. Depending on how far you got during the season will change which skins you get. If you only stay in fiber, maybe you can make your dodos all pink. If you end in tek tier, perhaps you get a wyvern skin that will knock the girls socks off if you know what i mean ;D SKINS ARE ALREADY IN THE GAME!! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF WHAT YOU HAVE!!!

5. These skins would  be accessible from a bench you can make at level 1 for 5 wood. Each skin only costs 5 fiber to make.  This enables you to bring these skins into single player, dedicated, non dedicated etc. They are account bound. You could also add skin micro transactions like fortnite.

6. Rates would need to be slightly boosted from current official servers, because you would have to start over a few multiple times. The games rates are currently set up to make you take a LONG time because that is the current endgame. If you have to start over repeatedly, and every "season" in this mode, rates would absolutely need to be somewhat boosted to give players a true chance.


Thats my idea! I'm probably missing things here and there, but what do you guys think? 

  • It brings the "Fortnite", "start over fresh upon prestige" feeling. 
  • It encourages max level tribes and players to continue to higher servers so as to get greater rewards
  • It discourages people from camping servers because they have to start over when they prestige, so there is no reason to delay your progression
  • It gives people a chance to join, or rejoin at any time without getting severely punished.
  • We get to look dope flying around with our skins  in all future game sessions
  • The devs only have to separate the servers, create the item bench, and the prestige items. It wouldn't be THAT much work, and it should greatly increase income

Let me know what you guys think!

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This would change nothing.

The mega's exist because of man power. Faster rates, means they advance faster. All it means is when you got to metal tier or tek tier, there'd just be established Alpha and Mega tribes with C4 to spare waiting for you.

If you wipe the current servers, same result.

There may be a solution out there but this would possibly be a fun quest like mode for a bit but would run into the same problems.

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There would be ways to solve them though. But what I didnt mention, and what brings us back to the name of the post, "Complete the Ark". I'm glad you think it sounds fun! Honestly it might be better with no tribes. And that's the point though, the first few to make it to Tek tier can run the place which is why they get the best rewards, making it a ranked system. Not everybody should get the top tier rewards or it ismt a ranked system. You should have to fight for it. Plus, in three months or however long a season is, the megas get wiped too. They might not all play every season. The point is at the start of each season everybody is an equal.

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