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Lost Island Creature Voting Is Now Closed

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Xbox MTS

Have you ever been watching your favourite ark youtuber play MTS and wondered:

“I wish I could play that”

Well now you can

We have attempted to recreate MTS as best as we can on Xbox.

We have 8 Maps which started on 23/07/19 and wipe every 2-3months

Server Stats

?1.2x loot quality?

?5x xp?

?8x taming?

?10x Crop growth?

?15x Maturation?

❄️3 Man Tribes❄️

❄️1 Alliance❄️

⚡️Custom Drops⚡

⚡️Custom Stacks⚡

⚡️In game currency⚡

Join the discord for more in depth information here:


We hope to see you soon as we become MoreThanSurvivors

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