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[PvPOnAir 24/7] PvPvE Cluster/Boosted/Noob Friendly/Genesis

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[PvPOnAir 24/7] PvPvE Cluster/Boosted/Noob Friendly/Genesis

Hello! We're looking for new or experienced players to join our friendly cluster! 😃

Welcome to PvP On Air. 

Are you searching for an all map cluster which has a friendly and active community? No admin abuse? Fed up of getting wiped for no reason over and over again? Want a mature server thats cared for by everyone? Then look no further. Join an active cluster today!

Genesis is now LIVE!

Join our friendly PvE Island to get started! Keep your gear and dinos safe!

Join us for a chat today and receive server passwords: https://discord.gg/xwbr4Jx


We say no to server wipes and take care of your maps by regularly cleaning abandoned structures. We look into a problem instead of pushing the 'Restart Button'. We believe that hours invested in-game progress matter and nobody wants to start from the beach again and again. We promote online PvP, not offline raiding. Action and momentum rather than passive meat runs.



  • Friendly Host & Active Community 
  • Active Events
  • Active & Mature Discord Channel
  • Boosted Exp Rates/Harvest/Mature/Breeding (See each server information in Discord)
  • Max Player Level - 302
  • Maximum Wild Dino Level - 150 (Higher levels on Scorched)
  • Balanced Player Stats for PVP
  • Admin Shop / Bush Berry Currency 
  • No Purges


Cluster Maps:

  • [PvE] Island - Our only PvE map. A safe haven for you and your items. Transfer here from PvP to lick your wounds or prepare for the next battle!
  • [PvP] Extinction - [Transfer Character & Items Enabled/Boosted Orbital Drops/Gear Drops from Wild Dinos]
  • [PvP] The Center - [Wild Bosses, Item Transfer Restricted/Boosted Drops/High Level Gear Drops from Wild Dinos]
  • [PvP] Aberration - [Transfer Character & Items Enabled/Boosted Orbital Drops/Gear Drops from Wild Dinos]
  • [PvP] Scorched Earth - [Transfer Character & Items Enabled/Boosted Drops/Gear Drops from Wild Dinos/High Level Drops/Higher Wild Lvl Dinos]
  • [PvP] Valguero - The newest map with all of the above! Come check it out and build with us today! 
  • [PvP] Genesis - [Transfer Character & Items Enabled/Boosted/Gear Drops from Wild Dinos]


If you'd like to join our servers head on over to the Discord Channel, make an Introduction, Read the Rules and we'll provide you with the server password. Join us for a chat today: https://discord.gg/xwbr4Jx


We look forward to gaming with you!



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