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Windows 10 Ark Dedi Server gives "Failed Join" to xbox's trying to join

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Windows 10 Ark Dedi Server gives "Failed Join" to xbox's trying to join

I start my server without any issues on the windows 10 version.  But when my friends and I proceed to join the server through the Xbox Live host account, Primalgamedata_BP tries loading then gives a "Join Failed" message.

I've been prowling the forums and web pages for hours now and tried a few of the solutions that others had success with.  But none have yet worked.  

I have Open Nat on both PC and Xbox when trying to connect.

I can join a dedicated Xbox server from the windows 10 and play fine.  

I have attempted some form of port forwarding, some sources said it helps and others said it was unnecessary. 

I checked the windows firewall, Ark is set to public and private.

I have reinstalled the game, no DLC downloaded.  

This is so bizarre to me since I can join an Xbox server on windows 10 without issue because of the open NAT type.  Yet flipping the system around so the windows 10 is the server will give a join failed message on the Xbox while trying to join the lobby.  


PLS help, lol.  Someone

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