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pvp [US-W] MRB Servers/Mod & No-Mod/7ServerCluster/100Tick

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Hey guys! I've been running my ARK servers for a few years now with an almost 100% uptime and we've built a pretty awesome community so far. Can't wait for you to join us! :D 

Great pings for people on the West Coast with a powerful server setup.

***What makes MRB Servers better than the rest?

               *High Speed Connection with increased packet size *Smart Automated Updates & Backups(Always current within an hour of every update release)

               *Powerful Equipment *NO HARVEST LAG * *Responsive 100 Tick Rate

               *Friendly community *No Admin abuse/Friendly&Responsive Admins *Check us out to see what else makes us great!

*7 Servers Total in Cluster

*Location: SoCal

*Equipment: 5960x/64gb RAM/ 2TB NVMe Storage

*Discord: https://discord.gg/ufuXYTf


XP: 10x |  Harvest: 10x |  Tame: 20x |  Mature: 40x

*Stacks changed to 1K(script/no mod = NO HARVEST LAG)


Mod-Free Servers 

The Islandsteam://connect/


Extinction: steam://connect/

Ragnarok: steam://connect/

The Center: steam://connect/


Modded Servers

Mods: S+/AA/Classic Flyers/Upgrade Station

Valguero: steam://connect/

Ragnarok: steam://connect/

Join up now before Genesis hits!!


Really look forward to seeing you guys around! :D 

***Site to come.

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