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Prim+ cluster on xbox possible?


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  • 3 weeks later...

I'm having issues with P+ on nitrado at the moment as well. The Center Map has sky textures that appear to be missing both on and offline, for the WIN 10 client at least, creating an odd cluster near at least one Obelisk that looks like blocky unmoving smoke... But I haven't checked to see if it does that when not in P+ mode.

As for P+ itself - even with a fresh install and no additional changes beyond choosing P+ as the game mode... no P+ engrams seems to be able to be learned for I or my mates.  They seems ok in single player.. but on the server end... nope. That and poultry/feather appeared to be missing from Dodo kills according to one of my players, but I hadn't tested that myself.

I have a post on the Nitrado forums on the topic and still am waiting for community response - I'll likely call Nitrado themselves today during their exceptionally brief customer service phone operation window.... but I wager I'll be informed it's a WC/Microsoft issue and not Nitrado - all without resolution.


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