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I have never gotten passed the Island bcuz of crashes...

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I have never gotten passed the Island bcuz of crashes...

I have been playing Ark on Xbox One Single Player since early access... I have played slower than most bcuz I have tried not to cheat and played the game alone.

Not twice but 3 times I have made it through all the Broodmother and Mesopithecus after building my base which is hours on it's own, plus taming and breeding dinos to fight the bosses and gathering all the resources Id need to defeat them, then after defeating 2 of the bosses the game freeze at some point forcing me to quit the game without saving.

This third time Extinction uninstalled on its own while I was playing...

Now the game freezes at the title screen and will not let me even get to the join/host menu even after reinstalling extinction. 

This is years of this and every time I start, I hope it will be different but it is not. I lose hours to weeks to months of my time for no real purpose and I don't know if I can play your game anymore... I have never made it passed the Island  bcuz your game will not allow anyone to actually play it.

I don't know what to say bcuz I know none of you will bring my progress back, but I just had to let you know it's horrible how much of people's precious time you've wasted and it's not right. Yeah it's just a game, but I can't get back all the time you force us to play it to accomplish anything in it and it breaks my heart to know it's for nothing and I have to start over again before I accomplish anything anyway...

It's disheartening to pour all my free time into something that I can't even finish.

I really hope you guys fix this so it doesn't break any one else's heart to lose all this time to your game.

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I have never gotten passed the Island bcuz of crashes... (follow up)

I had to remove my entire Xbox account and redownload it to just even get passed the title screen...

After starting up the game I find out all my Bred Rex's for Bosses, Other Dinos, every base I built and all the resources I had gathered are gone... Months upon months of work gone bcuz the game randomly froze and refused to let me back in the game...

I am beyond disappointed...

I know one players problem doesn't amount to much to everyone else, but I know it's not just me...

Especially on single player, there should never be any issues like this... Online I could imagine unforseen complications, but for the core single player game to bug out to where I lose all my progress for the 3rd time before ever even seeing another map besides the island with the same character is unexcusable...

There is no reason people who paid this much for your game and everything involved with it should ever lose single player progress like this. Single Player should always be dependable and it is kind of irresponsible for you to not have done more to prevent these problems...

You need a system to back up map data on console single player. Bases at least. We shouldn't lose our dinos like the Rex's people put hours and hours into breeding and saving for raids. I would really like a back up method for the whole map and tamed dinos together but at least saving cryopod dinos stored inside bases. Where if we have these issues we can redownload are map through back up saves in our Xbox account.

I have heard people can do something similar on PC by way of a file they can access with stored save data so it should be able to be translated over to console somehow, and with issues like these it's the least the devs can do to keep people from wasting their time building things that could just disappear tomorrow for no reason what so ever.

Please put more attention toward single player.

Ways to get around issues like these especially and not losing our work. This game is to time consuming to make you back track like this. You either need to rebalance the whole damn game so it doesn't take months to accomplish things or put precautionary measures in place to prevent losing single player bases, dinos, survivors and map data in general. People should even be able to use all these cheats you gave us access to for the most part without ever losing this much progress, builds, etc.


Optimize Single Player.

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