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pve new cluster server, friendly communtiy and great settings

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new cluster server, friendly communtiy and great settings

a week ago my friend made a cluster server for xbox, being he does not have an account on here and does not want an account he asked me to make the advertisement on here for him

server settings

XP: 3-5x (varies depending on events and weekends)

harvest rate: 3-5x (varies depending on events and weekends)

food and water consumption is slow

health: +50 per boot

stam: +50 per boot

oxygen: crazy high

weight: +1000 per boot

meleee: +25 per boot

speed: +50 per boot

players max lvl is 120

dino max lvl is 180 (on events 300)

breeding is fast (we like to breed on the server)



. no spamming pillars

. only build what u need unless u have permission from admins

. it is set to pvp for reasons, but we do not allow random pvp, if a player has a red transmitter in there base they can not be raided

. we love our community and help in any way we can

. no griefing of trolling of any kind

. help out others when possible

. we hold events and other cool projects for our community to join in on

. 90% of the time an event will be active on the server, at the end of evey two week we hold a vote to change the event for different colours

. tek auto unlocks along with other engrams

. beacons have good loot in, cave drops can give element and other rare resources.

.killing a giga or titan gives u 100 element. 

.element only costs 100 dust to make

. my base is a local community centre, where u can trade and do all that, there is a community center located somewhere that is under construction

. we refrain from using commands unless needed eg. prizes and so forth

. disrespect our rules and u will be thrown in jail for a period of time, gain three strikes and we wipe your base and auction your dinos, get five strikes and we permo kick u


if u want more info just ping me on here and ask the question, to join the server either message me on here or friend me on discord, we suggest having a discord server as we like to talk there when not on the server. we are australian but my friend has fiddled with stuff to make it great for other countries like america, canada and so on, we preffer english player but welcome a diverse communtiy as that is what we aussies are known for. so come on in and hang out with us.

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oh srry my bad

discord: Kodking194 or kodking194 (cant remember if k is caps)

.or message me on here


my friend has gone on holiday and for some reason turned it private for now, so only i and a few friends are allowed to play. he will be back by the end of the week and them he will unlock it again, i hope this does not disappoint u @Creepin6xdeath 

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