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pvp [Valguero] PCArkHost 5x (5 man) - 70 slots

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Server Name: PCArkHost 5x

How to join: Add "PCArkHost" as xbox friend and once friend is accepted, join the game through the player. It might be on the ark server list under "player dedicated" also. This is a PC hosted windows 10 server. 

Map: Valguero (started July 24 2019)

Style: PVP Balanced Primitive Offline Raid Protection (ORP) 5 man, no alliances

Max Number of Players: 70 (Cross Play enabled PC/Xbox players)

What is “Primitive PVP”: This isn't the primitive plus mod since the devs don't update that version. Just normal ark balanced and adjusted to reflect more primitive play-style. Basically no rockets/c4/auto turrets/riot gear/metal structures. By limiting upper engram tiers there is more balance between new players and existing players. Something different than a bunch of meks/titans/bullet soaking dinos. 

Rules: Official rules (don't block player spawns, and don't mesh under the map).

Offline raid protection (ORP): timer is 30 minutes. If you abuse this mechanic you will be wiped. Logging out during combat is not considered abuse and is acceptable, you will be vulnerable of course for 30 minutes. Abuse means other methods which I will not state and not in the spirit of ORP. You will be wiped and banned immediately if abusing this mechanic. 


Detailed settings below

Server Settings:

XP: 5x

Harvest: 5x

Tame: 5x

Breed: 5x

Fuel: 2x

Dino Turret Damage: 3x

Cave Damage: 50x (dissuade cave building)

Spoil Time: 3x

Corpse player time: 2x

Crop Speed: 5x

Crop Decay: 2x longer

Fuel Consumption: 2x

No alliances, 5 man tribe limit no alliances

Stack size increase on food items and raw resources

Admin command logging enabled

50 dust = 1 element


Player Settings:

Normal except: 5x weight, .1x speed, 3x Stam.


Dino Settings:

Max wild level 150

Normal except: 5x weight, .1x speed


Tameable Dinos:

Mostly small to medium size dinos only since no auto turrets.  Check engrams for saddles (All saddles are prim) + all non saddle creatures. 

Basic rule of thumb is any dino base lvl 1 HP 400 and below. You can check base health here: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Base_Creature_Statistics


Custom Drops:

Balanced. Quality Ramshackle to Mastercraft, no riot.

Chance for in each drop:

1. Resources (higher color = better raw resources)

2. Weapons (higher color = higher weapon tier)

3. Armor (higher color = higher armor tier)

4. In addition purple and above drop empty cryopods and chance for dedicated storage bins and cryofridges.

Double Ring drops = increased chance of getting all (1-4) from above.

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