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Can I transfer animals account to account using the obelisk?

Hi there! 

I am a new player to Ark and i'm enjoying it so far!

I have this Raptor who I named Zulu and I was wondering to what extent can transfer dinos to new maps. I play with my brother and he came up with the idea of sending dinos to the Obelisk. Before, we had one account where we had all of our stuff on it. I got my own account and created this raptor. I find it annyoing going back and fourth using my dinos in one account and using others in an another account so after awhile I had enough and wanted  to find a way to have all of my dinos on one account. I get that you can transfer dinos throughout the obelisk on one account through out each map but I am wondering if I can transfer animals account to account using the obelisk. Can someone help me out pls? 😁 

Sorry for this long message🤗



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You can't do it by different accounts, like if you have to log out of your steam account and then log into his, however, if you can get to a 2nd comp you should be able to join his tribe, or you can have (as him) unclaim your dinos and then log in as you and claim them as you. If you do that you want to be sneaky about it and do it inside a building so its less likely your stuff will get stolen. Also, another option is if you have access to cryopods you can pod them on his account and then unpod them as your character and they will belong to you. (sorry if this is not helpful, I may have misread your post)

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