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Looking for PS4 tribe


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Looking for PS4 tribe

i would really like to a new tribe join! i mainly stick to clusters but im starting to get bored of them so i left my old tribe to look for something new. because i'm never that busy so i can almost always ensure that i will raise dinos to 100% imprint and due to having so much spare time i can get to do a lot of grinding. I have experience with this game and have completed almost everything, was even in the war with space cowboys. i live in the uk and i will be on until 11 ish every night and am usually up early so i can help where it is needed and when it is needed. the biggest tribe i have ever been in was a tribe called aquaman. they had 30 ish people in the tribe so as this tribe has a lot more people i think it will definitely be a fun experience. my gamertag is      ( YTZ-Smok47 )      dm me if i'm allowed a place in your tribe please.


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