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Community Crunch 191: Mod Contest Voting Opens

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So I've started wondering... the suggestions have been remodeled on the official forums so that people could vote for them. But there is never an incentive (for instance in the weekly community c

Yea, believe it or not its fun progressing through the game, beating bosses, breeding lines and not having the slightest worry about meshing or duped chocolates and meks, you may not like pve but it w

exactly, they have never sid what it takes to get these suggestions into ark. there are some that have been there since the very start and the devs have done nothin

and come on wildcard frist you skimp out on 2 x for valguero ps4 when you said it would be active and now your saying it wont even be active this weekend ..... thats 2 weeks in a row. what the hell .

On 7/22/2019 at 8:03 PM, kbadua said:

Will the Evo Event actually be active this weekend.  The one announced for the 19-22 didn't seem to be working on the valguero map I was on, and it seemed like others had similar problems.

same i wasnt work on crossark8 ps4 either . i mean DILO wc. 


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On 7/23/2019 at 5:09 AM, KillAfromDAgila said:

This update has messed up imprinting big time on xbox idk how but for example pteranodon gets 2 imprints 50 percent each on official same with rhinos now its 25 percent but imprinting time is still the same making it impossible to get to 100% before its fully grown messed up 3 of my mounts needs to be fixed fast major issue FOUND dont even wanna play until its fixed 

what do you mean a ptera takes roughly 2 days to raise so 4 imps is easy to get if it had 25 each time


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On 7/27/2019 at 4:33 PM, jonin said:

I got the ark game for nintendo switch and there is only the island no aberration or anything! what a rip off!! not even the center or any of the other maps. none of the good items nothing.  whats up with that? 

Agreed they need to do stuff to switch. It is a rip-off. U guys should add another map or add something new or at least new servers. Plz

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2 hours ago, NourStealth said:

Hey could WC please explain why no 2x on Valguero. I mean if you want the people building up on there to have any chance of competing with the Alpha and Mega tribes on the other servers they need a 2x to help with the grind and taming just like everyone else playing the game. It really does not make any sense to me.

Because it’s a new map, and all new maps have evo events disabled for the first few weekends. My assumption would be that everyone complaining are new to the game because the older lot would have experienced this from previously released maps and known the deal.

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I host my Ark server on my PC at my home on Windows 10. If you are doing the same thing and want to play on Valguero I suggest you make regular backups of the saved games. There's not much of anything you can do about hosting on a console but with the PC you can make regular backups of your maps and save them in another location on your hard drive. hopefully this is useful for some of you.  I host on PC and play on XBOX , You can do the following

1. C:\Users\yourusernamehere\AppData\Local\Packages\StudioWildcard.4558480580BB9_1w2mm55455e38\LocalState\Saved\Maps this is the saved game location for those hosting using Windows 10

2. Highlight all of the folders, right click and save to zipped folder or if you use winrar add to archive and rename (I use Ark 7-29-2019 1105pm for example)

3. Cut the zip/archived file and paste it somewhere else like My Documents in a folder called Ark backups

*4. If you have transferred off another map and into Valguero, and you are not spawning into your character but are being asked to respawn at a random location like a new character, and you have a backup already, reload the backup so you can get your characters back and go to C:\Users\yourusernamehere\AppData\Local\Packages\StudioWildcard.4558480580BB9_1w2mm55455e38\LocalState\Saved\clusters\solecluster and delete the files from here. This folder is where the uploaded character data is stored and once deleted you should be able to switch maps. Only do this if you have transferred and can't load your uploaded survivor. 

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