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pve Aventurier Ark - PVE - Fjördur - A Nordic Adventure now


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Aventurier Ark Primitive Medieval Fjordur

After many years i sadly have to announce, that our servers will close in June 2022


Only on Aventurier Ark - even on Fjördur - all dinos from all DLCs, even Titans and Orbital Supply drops on each map !!!

no need to switch map or buy DLC`s to get them


Now with Lost Island in cluster


Do you want dinos from all DLC´s and even Titans and orbital drops on just 1 map? 

Do you like some comfort, like resource pulling or a pickup gun? 

Do you hate gathering food for dinos and sparkpowder just to prevent starving and spoiling? 

Still want to go to holidays without all your stuff decay? 

Want all in a primitive/medival setting? 


Then join us on our PVE Servers

Fjordur and Lost Island

(can add other servers if you want)

“Aventurier Primitive Medieval“


 Some server infos

- very fast and stable server

- dinos added from all DLC`s, bosses, titans and even Orbital drops

- up- and download survivors, dinos and items and transfer between servers

- x 2 on XP, harvesting and taming, x5 on breeding, 
-  higher during some events like Valenties

- only medival stuff but to compensate some finetuned mods

- Holiday friendly with all decay x 3
- no sparkpowder if you use arctic preserving bins and really high spoil time 
- tamed dino food consumption just 1/3

- Tames are a bit weaker to wildlife, corrupted dinos and bosses got nerved same way 
. so you can still beat them to make life a bit more challenging

- Loot from drops / orbital drops / bosses / alphas and fishing completly custom 

- Supply Crates spawn on top of structures so you can build on drop points 

- 100 % more structures on rafts and platform saddles

Aventurier Ark Mod Collection


    Structure Plus  - now SuperStructures
    Castles Keeps and Forts Medival     
    CKF Remastered 
    Immersive Taming  
    Natural Babies 
    Primitive Survival Equipment+ 
    Accesoires Plus Light  
    Speed Saddles 
    Anti Radiation Armor - Tek, Skins, etc  
    Arctic Storage Preserving Bin  
    Crystal Isles Dino Addition
    Simple Spawners  
    Rare Flowers and Mushrooms Seeds  
    Cactus Seed Mod  
    ECOs RP Decor 
    Ecos Garden Decor 
    Eco in Wonderland  
    Server Donation System  


To join us 

(Please click the above link and subscribe to map and all mods before joining)

for Fjordur enter steam://connect/

for Lost Island enter steam://connect/
into your webbrowser


Open Steam

Using the top menu go to View and then select Servers

Click on the Favorites tab.

Click Add a Server

for Fjordur Insert

for Lost Island Insert

Click Connect  


Links and more infos

Discord - Aventurier Ark: https://discord.gg/KNBtGHK



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Playing on this server, very friendly people, rates not super high (x2) and no stack mod so don't expect it to be super easy, but that adds to the sense of enjoyment when you accomplish something.  Definitely recommend this server for those that like a challenge but not the huge grind to sustain.  Also immersive taming is awesome, how ARK should be.

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