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valguero Valguero | Deep Sea Loot Crates

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Hello People,

i'm new here and i thought nobody  does this before so i start a guide for the Valguero Deep Sea Loot Crates.

I made a guide on the german Arkforum: https://arkforum.de/thread/24353-guide-valguero-loot-crates/

And i made a Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6DtSjViacg

I also edited the Valguero Explorer Map on Gamepedia: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Explorer_Map_(Valguero)#

Sorry for my bad english i come from germany.


1. Loot Crate is by 48.7 / 35.6

here i found no danger nearly.



2. Loot Crate is by 46.2 / 32.8

also here no dangers



3. Loot Crate is by 54.3 / 30.6

a couple of megalodons was here.



4. Loot Crate is by 35.7 / 33.8

And again i found nothing dangerous here.



5. Loot Crate is by 36.2 / 18.6

Everthing i found here was a couple of Eels.



6. Loot Crate is by 39.8 / 17.9

becareful here was a couple of jellyfishs.



7. Loot Crate is by 41.3 / 37.2

some Megalodons are here.



8. Loot Crate is by 39.8 / 29.8

just a couple of Megalodons was here.



9. Loot Crate is by 38.1 / 25.0

also just a couple of Megalodons.



10. Loot Crate is by 34.2 / 39.0

sometimes a couple of Megalodons here.


that was all Loot Crates i found.

I hope someone helps this.



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