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pve NA | Valguero | TooManyMods | 60 Slots | No Wipe | 10xB/T | 3xGather/EXP

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[PVE] Valguero | 60 Slots | No Wipe | 10xBreed/Tame | 3xGather/EXP


If there are any inaccuracies or inconsistencies with settings listed here and experienced on the server please let me know.

[PVE] Valguero  | 60 Slots | No Wipe | 10xBreed/Tame | 3xGather/EXP

Server Connection Info:
Hosted by: arkservers.io

Our website:


Server Basics:
 NO WIPE - This server does not have its own pre-set "community", so there isn't any huge alpha tribe to compete with!
 Nightly server restarts at 3AM PST - Weekly wild dino wipes
Looting allowed. This is a PVE server but if your structures decay or you leave them unlocked your stuff is fair game. Default decay timers boosted.
TCs Auto Rewards packs include Starter Packs, time-based income, purchasable potions, special dinos, and more.
Max player level - 200
Max wild dino level - 600
Levels after tame - 400
Server slots - 60
Longer Days
Beacon loot reworked to be useful for more than 3 seconds. Example: Kibble now found in beacons. (via configs, NOT mod)
Red beacons have small chance for "jackpot" loot
Any player can imprint on babies in tribes
Structure collision disabled
Stats per level (both player and dino) slightly boosted (anywhere from 1.5 to 3x depending on stat)
Crosshair + Gamma enabled
Floating dmg enabled
Downloads disabled
Uploads enabled


Cluster soon to be released to add integration for new Genesis DLC.


This server is ideal for those who are looking to play solo or with a group of friends. We don't host huge events or bring our own community.

Automatic Updating: This server has Automatic Dino Wipes (weekly, sunday nights), Automatic Nightly Reboots, and Automatic Mod Updating that occurs when no players are currently online on the server.


All engrams for Crazy's Crazy Potions have been disabled and are intended to be purchased through our in-game points shop.

Mod List:


Beacon loot config file: https://beaconapp.cc/browse/88051802-91c4-4d58-8c22-317696cbf09a?map_filter=63

Server Rules:
Rules can be viewed on our server's discord.
Basically, don't be a jerk.
Server is intended to be more laid-back with a casual atmosphere.

Server Discord:
Discord participation is NOT mandatory however if you have a need to get in touch with me that is your best resource.

Edited by Araceae
updated server info

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