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On 16/03/2016 at 10:51 PM, Jen said:

Current ARK Official Server Network Servers Version: v178.0


Current: v178.0
- Reduced the ring of death damage amount (33% less per second)
- Kill gives 25 +hp for all players on the team at 0-time sudden death
- Added no-build volume to the center-center area (but allowing c4 and ied)
- Lower flight ceiling at the center of the arena
- Herbis -60% dmg from explosives, brontos +15% base HP
- Longer tame time on rex and spino, +15% tame time
- 25% more longneck durability and slightly lower longneck targeting fov (further zoom in both scoped and unscoped)
- Dilophosaurus faster tame, -30%
- +15% melee dmg buff for spear and pike respectively
- Flyers 50% more stamina loss per second when having a rider
- Spectator fpv hitmarkers, and modified hitmarkers sound (sorry, we'll make it better!)

- Reduced T-Rex base Stamina by 25%, and reduced T-Rex Health Gained Per Tamed Level by 33%
- Reduced Dragonfly aggro range by 20%

- Added hooks for SotF DevKit to support "adding" Dino Spawn Entries

- Incorporated optional Main Menu theme by NerdOut

- Increased Spino Stamina drain per attack
- Reduced shield damage from Dinos to 2x

- Fixed bug which prevented player Melee Harvesting

- Hit markers server option (?AllowHitMarkers=true), enabled by default
- Sudden death ring change: decreases to small size over 50% of the sudden death time
- Spear fast re-attack bug fixed
- Cooldown on Medical Brews (40s) similar to Blood packs
- Removed Metal Shield from FFA
- Made dino damage do 3x durability decrease to shields
- Give Machined Shotgun same spread as regular shotgun
- Fixed floating Dino Gate exploit

- DevKit hooks enabled
- Fixed issues where Spectator couldn't see Taming Progress Popup, and where Spectator wouldn't see correct player collisions onto Rocks.
- Fixed issue where sometimes Rockets were invisible.
- Fixed issue where Gigantopithecus could have its Food drained by wild Meganeura.

- SotF Windows & Linux Servers will now automatically download/install/update/use Mods, Maps, and Total Conversions:
Windows & Linux Dedicated Servers now support automatic mod download/installation/updating! Just add "-automanagedmods" to your launch commandline and it will do so before the server launches (note for Maps this will not work unless you're specifying the Workshop ID to load a Mod Map). On Linux Servers, you need to run this script (included with the ARK dedicated server files) once to install SteamCMD: \

You can also specify a manual list of extra Steam Workshop Mods/Maps/TC ID's to download/install/update in your Game.ini via (with the commandline as normal to actually use them in-game), example:

ModIDS=722585441 ;another ID
ModIDS=722585441 ;another ID

- Fixed issue with XP earning rates being too high! Requires Server Update.

- Latest ARK: Survival Evolved codebase merged to SotF, resulting in improved client performance and graphics, and massively improved server performance
- Brontos now have 40% more explosive damage resistance, and 20% more HP overall
- 'Beast Within' Event now causes Wild Herbivores to target Tames as well as Players
- No more RPG's in Hail to the King
- Carnos tame 29% faster and have 20% more Torpor
- Buffing Soups can not be used on Tames anymore
- Ring of Death now drains HP rather than a Timer
- Narco traps will now affect owner
- Launch with -SuddenDeathBosses if you want Tameable Bosses to appear during sudden death, can be helpful in breaking stalemates
- Broodmother minions speed, damage, and HP reduced by 40% 

- Argentavis tame time increased by 33% and damage reduced by 33%
- Flight ceiling imposed over central platform

- Fixed issue with insects not being able to do damage

- Added adjustable Follow Distance for Tamed Dinos. Cycle it via the action wheel or by pressing Num Pad 0 (configurable key) when looking at a Dino.
- Fixed issue where dino melee attacks could be triggered repeatedly

Unversioned Hotfix: Major translation updates for all languages!
- Fixed Parties Auto-Tribe functionality to not "lock" members into the Party Tribe. Also Parties have an option to turn of Auto-Tribing or not, which saves along with the Party Tribe Name.

- Reduced Ring of Death convergence speed on FFA, 2v2, and 4v4, and added delay before ring of death moves on 2v2 and 4v4 (starts moving at 10 min remaining on 2v2, and 20 min remaining on 4v4). Also speeds up at 7 min remaining on FFA. 

New server commandline map argument settings:

?RingPauseTime=2400 (This will have the ring paused for the first 2400 seconds of playtime)
?RingMaxWidth=350000 (This allows you to specify the initial maximum ring size)
?RingPhase1EndSize=300000 (This allows you to specify an "first phase" ring size that can allow you to have a slower or faster ring for the "first phase", should be lower than the initial maximum ring size.)
?RingPhase1EndTime=2700 (This is the time transpired at which the "first phase" of ring size be reached)

(Server Note: we do not recommending using RingStarTime anymore, since you can now explicitly specify the Ring Max Size)

- Crossbow crafting cost reduced, and damage increased by 10%
- Grappling Hook crafting now gives 3 hooks, rather than 1
- Landscape material performance cost and memory reduced by 40%!

- Made helmet cosmetic "skins" not override the icon/name of the armor item itself, to avoid confusion as to what the item actually is
- Finally fixed issue of cosmetics blocking auto-equipment
- Finally removed Giga's from Official 2v2

Note: Giganotosaurus have been removed from the Official Ranked Servers configuration!
Note: Enforced GFX settings (-ForceMinGraphicsSettings) have been removed from Official 4v4.

- Fixed issue where helmet armor would not auto-equip if you had a pre-game cosmetic already equipped.

- Fixed 'Instant Taming' Giganotosaurus!
- Improved Wild Giganotosaurus targeting to favor attacking players, and reduced its attack AoE, and made enraged not attack/damage allies (but prevents Riding)

- Giganotosaurus Added!
- Grappling Hook rebalanced, cheaper
- 6v6 mode removed from Official Game Modes, 4v4 and 2v2 modes rebalanced for faster gametime (1 hour and 45 minutes respectively).

New commandlines:

- Grappling Hook!
- Official 6v6 now automatically enforces Tournament Graphics settings (namely, Medium Quality settings with Ground Clutter) for fairness
- Improved client rendering performance

- Minimum lobby rank locked 10 seconds after lobby is created

- Rank of games now calculated at the launch of the game from the in-game sky lobby
- Match score broadcasted at the beginning of the match

- Saber jump interval increased (cooldown between jumps)
- Wood shields are now destroyed when durability hits zero
- Shield durability buffed by ~20%
- Ring of death fixed so timer resets correctly

- Fix for crash that occured when any player in the area used the spyglass

- Sword and Shields added (Wood in all modes, Riot Shield not present in FFA)
- Wood Shields in the starting middle drops
- Wood/Metal Shields chance of dropping in red drops, Wood/Metal/Riot shields chance of dropping in Mega Loot Crate
- Further reduced torpor time of narcotic trap
- Spears removed from the starting middle drops

Lobby timer countdown fix

- Fixed duping issue with explosives
- Trike Helmet now properly awarded and visible in Cosmetic Inventory
- Ring of Death detection fix for getting border warning too early
- Slight improvement to game performance
- Decreased torpor time of narcotic trap 

- Grenade AOE Radius reduced by 10%
- Pteros have now been adjusted to be fulfil their role as flying-scouts - They have a 35% reduction in base-damage, a 30% reduction in damage scaling, and require an additional (5%~) amount of affinity to tame. 
- Fixed some lobby-logic to prevent starting with no people.
- No longer displays score in the bubble on FFA Mode

- Fixed some typos in UI
- Fixed spawn visual effects
- Hidden wins in pre-game lobby
- Small misc changes to how minimum ELO works
- Auto-starts should begin reliably now.

- Minimum score-requirement lobby option for hosts
- Crafting speed reduced by 35% on FFA
- Charcoal required from burning wood now 3 pcs instead of 4
- Dinosaur Gather rate reduced in FFA and 2-player lobbies to account for high-gather (natural) rate.
- The Swarm can no longer happen in the first 20% (time) of the game-mode
- Can un-equip cosmetic items in the player bubble
- Adding a CTRL+Key set up to accept Tribe Invites
- No longer opens Tribe UI if no character has been created
- No longer display wins in bubble/floating HUD
- Randomize the spawn platform indices (no longer fixed-locations when coming onto the platform)

- Headshot effective damage reduced 18%
- Pteros can no longer attack players who they are carrying.
- The minimum feed delay for dinos has been changed from 0.1s delay to 0.075s delay. 
- Lobby transition time improvements.
- FFA gun damage vs dinos reduced by 25%

- Client side fix for duplicate/ghost lobbies

- Fix for duplicate/ghost lobbies

- Another fix for lobbies not starting

- Added a protection for lobbies not starting correctly

- Client only lobby menu update

- Fixed content errors that were imported in patch 153
- Resolved FPV view

- Score reset
- Delay on consumables used by tamed dinos decreased by 50% (now 0.1)

- Additional score-related fixes. Required a major version.

- Added a small delay to using consumables on creatures
- Decrease gun-damage versus dinos by 15%
- Allow lobbies to auto-start if they have over 50% of the minimum required of players after a period of time (5 minutes / 10 / 15 / 20 - respective to the official game mode)
- Change score so that it is based on your individual rating and not your teams rating
- Fixed some score-related bugs

-Additional clientside rendering fixes for performance

- Clientside rendering fixes

- SM4 'Sky' fix
- Resolved an issue with lobbies not correctly transferring ownership

- More graphic options for players to disable
- Shader Model 4 enabled
- Eliminated Fabricated Tier from FFA Modes
- Adjusted the crafting costs for Compound Bow (decrease), Metal Arrows (decrease), and Assault Rifle (increase)
- Rebalance of Assault Rifle Damage
- BattlEye Prompt enabled after failing to connect to an Official Server
- Fix for Lobbies not auto-travelling once hitting minimum number of players

- Re-written scoring system to properly reflect a players rating and points are awarded correctly
- Linux Server files now posted

- Fixed calculation issue in scoring system
- Fixed lobbies not displaying for some people based on region
- Ragdoll fix
- Fix for stats not updating correctly
- Fixed reserved server colliding

Hi, I love your game but I and many other players have a big problem that can be solved easily.

Could the patchnote thread of survival of the fittest be updated ? Even the version written when we launch the game is outdated.

there are servers running V178.8, on the bottom left corner it is written 178.3 and the last patchnote update is 178.1(in the steam one).

This is a bigger concern as it seems as SOFT is supposed to be a competitive game, we dserve to know the change


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