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OLYMPIANS 4 Map Cluster Seeking True Ark Players

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OLYMPIANS 4 Map Cluster Seeking True Ark Players

Do you enjoy Ark, but sick of the grind? You'll want to check this server cluster out!

Searching for players that like to play the game as it was meant to be played, but boosted to escape the excessive farming and time vortex that is Official. If you search for "OLYMPIANS" you will see our list of servers pop up with the boost stats in the name. Join our PSN community "OLYMPIANS 4 LYFE" (You will request to be accepted and an admin will go through and put you in the private community)

We are launching Valguero to our list of maps as soon as it comes out! We will have the following maps in our cluster: Ragnarok, Aberration, Extinction, and Valguero!

  • Servers DO NOT have fibercraft or excessive mods (stack, tek drops, etc)!!!
  • Admins do not baby you, you gotta play the game and clear out that old abandoned base yourself, because the admins are there to play too (All admins have Official Server experience and have played since PS4 launch)
  • Sleeping bags are DISABLED to reduce meshing (If a tribe is found to be meshing they are BANNED)
  • ORP is on Monday-Friday, off Saturday-Sunday
  • 10x experience and harvesting
  • 20x taming
  • 30x incubation and maturation
  • Dino and player weight boosted
  • Max player level is 105 (not including the +30 ascension levels)
  • Max dino level is 210 (wyvern 266, Tek 252)
  • Tribes that are found to be harassing beach bobs and not letting anyone grow and build up will be immediately targeted for some friendly (kinda) PVP
  • No admin shop, we want players that actually play the game

We hope to see you soon!

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