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Altering Replicator Element Engram

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Altering Replicator Element Engram


I've been searching high and low, posted on Reddit, etc... can't find an answer to this. Our cluster recently rotated of Extinction and we want to change the Element engram in the replicator to use dust instead of shards. We had this working on another server before however, we no longer have access to that server as the prior admin pulled the plug and we all had to start over. I am attempting to use the following:


It doesn't seem to modify the Tek Replicator Engram at all. I've tried variations and can't seem to figure out why it wont work. Replacing PrimalItem_Element_C with PrimalItemResource_Element_C makes the recipe not show up in the replicator at all. Does anybody have anything I could try to make this work?


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