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Story line, DLC, and the next adventure.....


Story line, DLC, and the next adventure.....

     Well we did it. We the people of ark have survived the it all.   Conquered the Island, next we jumped to the harsh deserts of Scorched Earth, the poisons of Aberration, and finally landed in the Sanctuary  of Extinction.  But what do we do now? What's the next chapter in Our story? 

     We rebuild the world.  now that we are on Extinction "Earth"  there should be more than just one Sanctuary somewhere out there.  Up in the mountains, oceans, plains of the planet there are untouched places that we and move on to.  These are are to be the places that we will be moving to and rebuilding our lives.

     Now that that's over.   This is a suggestion on where the story could lead to.  All of our next set of DLC is on this planet Extinction, Earth, Terra, whatever you call it.  This is an opportunity for the game developers to kick it up a notch.  The first step could be to release the "Settlement" DLC, ("Homestead" was already taken).  This would take the primitive + and fuse into the the main game to give players more options and story wise to give the Ark-ians more ways to survive in the new world.  New maps should all have a corrupted areas as they are all on the same planet.  the main of the map could be a crashed Ark, Sanctuary type city, Atlantis islands with corrupted oceans whatever.  Of course new creatures, items, technology can all be implemented with DLC.  Introduce a race of aliens that actually created the Arks, go crazy.



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