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Community Crunch 190: Valguero for Console and Modding Contest Finalists

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This update has messed up imprinting big time idk how but for example pteranodon gets 2 imprints 50 percent each on official same with rhinos now its 25 percent but imprinting time is still the same making it impossible to get to 100% before its fully grown messed up 3 of my mounts needs to be fixed fast major issue FOUND 

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What’s going on with the creature spawns in the Aberration area? The only things seeming to spawn/respawn down there are Spinos, Crabs and Anglers.


I even did a quick fly-through on a dedicated (cheat) server and it was the same. Only once I went down to the radiation zone did I start to see dodos and bulbdogs, but not threats.


Also, where are the blue gems? I saw on Reddit someone mentioned they are supposed to be on “high cliffs” but I’ve been all over the area, up and down and still haven’t seen a single cluster.

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