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Inside is a current meta. Why do people inside? Because all common tribes building in caves. Why people build in caves? 100 Turret patch limit made a lot of building spots unavailable. Also high amount of Tek Tapejaras dropping Towers very fast. Another reason caves are way easier to defend than outside bases. You need way lesser online defender count than attackers. It's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to raid caves fair. 
It's time to change meta. 

My suggestion:
Restrict building in caves - at same time set a limit: max Tek Saddle Dinosour Count on 5.
Also bring back 3x flyer dmg

This will force people to build outside of caves, also people can't Tek Tap rush bases. 

-- mukka

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2 hours ago, Josker said:

so every smaller base will get destroyed by titans ? why even play then

Where do you see him talk about buffing titans? I’ve helped build up 2 new tribes on official pvp while extinction was out. And they both still exist today, the process of starting them up will not change after mukkas suggestions. The current cave meta is making official boring as poop. What made ark fun for me all these years is the fear of knowing that at any point you might get fobbed by an enemy and even with tbw help of your entire alliance you might not survive. This fear is now entirely gone because a cave tribe can’t be wiped. What’s the point in playing a pvp game when you literally can’t win??? Oh and every tribe right now is richer than the duping Megas in legacy.

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Tek tappy is only meta because of the armor of the tek saddle, the fact that you can port in tons of element fast instead of having to bring over artifacts and have to farm trophies for the boss fights, the fact that rappers have like 40k hp. Bring back 3x flier damage from legacy, make all tek tappy saddles primitive and base armor, make element dust no longer drop from gatchas, raise/remove turret limit and nerf the crap out of abberstion and extinction. Also bring back the ability to place c4 on platform saddles so we can raid underwater caves, and center ice cave. I actually cannot find any other way to balance out those caves other than turning a blind eye to meshing. And widen the crouch points of other caves such as church cave SE, island ice cave, center pearl cave. To atleast be able to walk a trike in soak so we can soak, and remove parasaurs ability to detect, it makes soaking the enemy almost impossible and tribes have alt accounts that have bots sit in tek pods near parasaurs that detect the change in color on their screen and ping their tribe on discord @tribememver “greenhouse parasaur detected enemy”

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