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Ark for switch

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There are no optimization setting on switch that would matter. Sorry.  My only advice is to maybe stick to single player as it has less lag & seems to crash less. Be wary of hosting local multiplayer on your single player save, as it can sometimes introduce a level/engram locking bug into your game preventing further solo progress shoud you want to continue your game later, alone. Also the game doesnt transfer from docked to handheld in multiplayer. You will be DC'd every time you "switch" oddly enough.

I played around 600 hours worth on the Switch version in less than 6 months. Its a very fun game when it works....oh also, If you pick the game up....dont do so under expectations of further support or any other map other than the island. I hope to say 1 day we get some acknowledgement of our existence over here on Switch but so far thats not been the case. If you love the island & dont mind how unstable this version is compared to the others theres some fun to be had if you can get it cheap enough. 

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Ello. I'm an Ark newbie too. Played about 60 hours on my Switch so far and absolutely loving it (I have it for PC but don't play it as I prefer Switch for portability). Although there has been 'no further news' about any future updates/DLC they haven't denied it, it's been out less than a year so remain hopeful. I've played solo, but I've gotta say it's much more fun to find some friends to play PvE with (we've got an active tribe of about 5 and you're welcome to join us if you like) 😉 

Unfortunately the Switch doesn't have any graphical settings that you can adjust (yet). But inspite of it's low-res appearance it does run really smoothly for the most part (better than some PCs actually) after a while it doesn't become that important because it's more about the gameplay and fun you can have with it.

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