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Remove detection ability from the Parasaur when it's being carried by a flyer


The Parasaur and the find the hidden base meta

Curious what folks think about this new meta where tribes carry a Parasaur around to find small hidden bases for raiding purposes.  In the past some folks, myself included would enjoy the idea of creating a small hidden base somewhere in order to allow them the time to stockpile supplies where at some point they may or may not build up somewhere when their ready.  This new Meta almost completely eliminates the ability to do this.  Instead we are forced to go out and attempt to acquire cryopods instead, and we must also kill ourselves or at the very least log off somewhere outside our bases.  Is this what the devs envisioned when adding these new abilities to the Parasaur?  Is it possible this was an unforeseen side ability where the real intent was to warn a tribe of a potential intruder instead and therefore being more defensive instead of offensive?  What do you folks who play PVP think about this and whether or not we should request WC to remove detection ability from the Parasaur when it's being carried by a flyer.

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18 minutes ago, ThePryBar said:

So let me get this straight you are against this ability and you don't think that it should be a thing yet you actively engage in doing it. That's like saying that you hate meshing and think that it should be fixed but until it is you continue to mesh yourself.


It's called balance. An animal that can hide needs an animal that can uncover it. 

Comparing meshing with carrying a Parasaur around to find hidden bases isn't comparable, try again.  

Nobody is suggested that the Parasaurs ability should be removed, only that it's currently way to easy to find hidden bases and creatures.  One thing that drew me to this game was how you could make a hidden base in the woods and it could be hard for someone to find it.  If you have even a dodo at your base this tactic is over.

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To any concerned about detection. Kill yourself. And what I mean is suicide your character after each play session and don't re spawn until the next. As for your tames, while still building up use only high value expendable tames like Parasaurs and Dimporphodons. Kill them at the end of a play session (you and your tames can't be detected if not there to detect). Or station them at a resource gathering camp that is not actually your base (your base is where your main spawn is and where you keep your most valuable items).

If you play frequently enough with long enough play sessions, another tame/valuable item option is sticking them into ARK Data. It only preserves for 24 hours and tames have a 12 hour cooldown after download before you can upload them again. But you can keep things 100% safe in a loot beam. The most dangerous part of it is the point of uploading and downloading (as you're vulnerable to attack).

Later down the line cryopods are a great way to hide tames and conserve space. It's a fairly low level engram (51) that any player at that level should have the resources to easily make a lot of them.

One more thing you can do is not talk in global. You may not realize but generally speaking talking in global gives away a lot of information about where your base is and makes people generally curious about where your located and what you have going on with your setup. It's attention that you don't need in those first few days. If you feel the need to talk in global be very cautious. a good general rule is to not tell anyone anything that you don't need them to know.

Asking a question not covered in the games documentation is fine. Getting someone's steam or discord info so you can talk to them more privately is fine. Talking about what your taming or the troubles your having is not. That tells people a lot more than you think.

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