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On Wander Dinos Falling Through Cages & Floors

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On Wander Dinos Falling Through Cages & Floors

GPS: 65.8 / 95.9

Our garden area is part of our main building and is elevated on pillars. We have 4 beetles and 1 snail, in cages, on wander.
The floor was stone and starting July 5th (after several days of being set up like this) they suddenly glitched through the cages and floors.
We lost one because it got killed after it's escape before we found them all.
Tamed 3 more. One was placed into a cage and placed on wander.
The other 2 were placed into the garden area - but are not in cages AND they are NOT on wander.
There are also several jerboas and a couple of bulbdogs in the garden area. None are on wander or in cages.

Starting this morning (the 6th, early hours Eastern), the caged/on-wander beetles and snail started randomly falling through their cage & floor.
They once did it while I was under the garden area. We were trying to figure out something we could do to keep them contained if they fell through again when all 5 of them fell through on top of us.
We've built 2 little rooms under the garden, hopeful they would get "caught".
We replaced the stone under their cages with greenhouse glass (has worked well on other maps for us and others) - but they once again escaped.
They were then found out behind our base - heading towards a water puddle/pond, deinons and certain death.
It has since happened 3 more times - all while our tribe has been in/around the base and even in/near the garden.

Now we are going to try a suggestion by another (placing large crop plots under the cages - since they tend to render before other structures).
I've also been "teleported/glitched" through the garden floor 2 times so far since 12 midnight Eastern. Standing still and -suddenly I'm under the garden area.

Anyone have other suggestions/solutions?
Are others having this issue as well??

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I placed the medium crop plots on the floor and placed the cages on the plots. Loaded the 1 snail and 2 of the beetles into their respective cages, and placed them on wander.
I was bringing another snail to it's cage when I and the beetle I was carrying - and the other cages-on-wander dinos - were suddenly under the floor and on the ground.
Happened about 5 minutes ago.

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SOLUTION: set them to follow a passive dino (I use an ovis with all levels in food, no tails to slap you around while you try to get in the small dinos inventory's and they crowd around it in a perfect tidy circle) and set him to not heed whistles. Activate wander, set follow distance to lowest on those dung beetles/snails and you will not have an issue ever again unless of course you allow the followed dino to die.
These dinos have always had this issue, same as every other dino you set to wander. will end up glitched in walls/ceilings or walking through behemoths.

ark life, unfixed issues that we have to think of workarounds for. 

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