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deinonychus Aberrant Deinonychus for the Valguero map and why it should be a thing


Aberrant Deinonychus for the Valguero map and why it should be a thing

Soo with Valguero generally liked by the PC players and incredibly anticipated for console players here’s a suggestion that both helps exploring the irradiated aberration biome and would generally be awesome to have. An aberrant Deinonychus.

now the Deinonychus is a great travel mount as we all know however, being a non-aberrant creature that isn’t found in aberration, it can’t go into the red zone without taking fatal levels of radiation damage, fair enough, but on Valguero there’s a distinct lack of aberrant megalainas and, of course, rock drakes so exploring that zone has to be done on foot with a form of aberrant dinosaur or a Karkinos (which although can jump it’s not exactly the best at climbing or very nimble). So since Wildcard already said they don’t want rock drakes and aberrant megalainas are most likely out of the picture, how about given the already great Deinonychus another form? Besides the obvious usefulness, it works to make an already unique dinosaur and map that much more tempting to use especially since it’s relatively easy to implement compared to say, adding another new creature.

yes I know Mods are probably going to do this eventually but what about official and console players?, it’s something that I believe most people including myself would enjoy and only really helps Valguero and the Deinonychus in the long run. I mean who doesn’t want a glow in the dark Deinonychus anyway?

please WildCard, will you just consider this and Thanks for listening x

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3 hours ago, Aylana314159 said:

Still worth it for them to incorporate it to officials. Despite most players playing unofficial, a large portion play official or single player, and on console so wrapping it into the actual game helps more people out.

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