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Make PvP Great Again!!


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Bottom Line Up Front: PvP needs another server type, Small tribe w/raid hours, same map transfers only, and auto server wipes every 60-90 days


Apologies in advance for a potential novel and appreciate anyone who reads to the end, I’m just very passionate about improving the game. If you want to see my recommendations for improved PvP without the fluff scroll down to see my 3 proposals for a new type of official dedicated servers 


After playing Ark / persistent only survival games for years now I’ve seen the things ark does well and I’ve seen the games that do things better and would love a combination of the two because nothing beats the thought of a persistent survival game WITH dinosaurs. 


Now i I do think there are a ton of balance changes that could be listed but this is a focus on the issue with the current servers and respecting the players time.  The current state of ark leads you to believe you can hop on and build up and take on the big guys... some day... but from my experience it’s just not true.  The small tribes was a great addition however it has ultimately just exacerbated the feeling that you ACTUALLY stand a chance because you and a couple friends already make half of a full tribe.  

I play on ps4 and all the small tribe servers have around 9000 plus days to them, so just starting out on day one puts you at a severe disadvantage to the tribes that have built up for thousands.  They run around destroying everything, not because they need your 200 ingots or metal tools but because they CAN and this leads me to a few points then a few suggestions.

a) these tribes have massive bases, sometimes tech and crazy high breaded Dino’s.  

b) these tribes play on multiple servers and in doing so have dinos that no island bob will ever have or can compete with

c) having your base destroyed constantly by players that you’ll never stand a chance against before you even get an opportunity to build up past a few turrets disrespects players time and leads to much wasted time and discouragement.  I’ve NEVER even done a boss fight because by the time my tribe is ready to start breeding we wake up to find our base in ruins. (Yes... PVE is an option but that is a cop out... ANYONE can do boss fights eventually on PVE)

d) this style of play does NOT value the players time, building and grinding and taming for literally hours and days and weeks to log in and find it all gone in minutes is demoralizing

just today a few friends and I decided to try again after being demoralized to the point of considering quitting multiple times for good.  We were having fun, decided we wanted to try an underwater base on the island because we knew we couldn’t compete with wyverns and manas and such that (IMO) shouldn’t step foot on the island anyway. Got a raft, grinded up some mats and while doing so a wyvern swooped down and bbq’d me. Ok.... press forward it happens, 8 hours later we start taming a parasaur... gotta get them berries and have an alarm... I look to the water and see something large and weird, pull out my spy glass to see a 235 squid with a rider... huh well this will make the underwater cave more difficult... then another pulls up.  We decide to cut our losses on the tame and try to get the raft out of there... NOPE snow owl lands on the raft, freezes the occupants in place as the squids wrecks 8 hours of work while we sit there completely helpless.

This wasn’t a sob story, this was just to demonstrate a MINISCULE example... that same story happens but with hundreds of thousands of hours lost by some players not just one day


My Proposal:

1) Small Tribe Servers with raid hours

this will respect players time as they will be able to PvP at all times but will be able to plan and be prepared to defend their base when needed, and create more interesting PvP scenarios 

2) The option to join servers that wipe periodically, maybe every 60-90 real days (30 might not feel worth while playing) would also be a great addition.

This would allow players to experience what a fresh start feels like! Have the opportunity to be part of the chaos of EVERYONE starting from scratch at the same time-ish, feel like they have a dog in the fight, and do what PvP is meant to do... PVP in a fair and fun manner.

3) Map specific server clusters or only allowing players to transfer Dino’s between like maps

this will allow players to enjoy their dlc but not feel like pay to win


i firmly believe that additional servers with these 3 things, creating a different variation of PvP would rejuvenate Ark PvP for a majority of people.  Seriously wild card.... try playing for a few weeks on the island with a group of 3ish people and you’ll see where I’m coming from.


if you made it this far I appreciate your time and hope to hear any feedback or improvements to these ideas.  Honestly 1 and 3 came from Conan, 2 just from my many ark experiences.  

- A Player that just wants to play


Extra Thoughts (as if this wasn’t long enough)

- antidote needs a new recipe, everyone has swamp fever online cause no one can get established to make antidote... and the fever discourages PvP when you don’t have it 

- movement speed is great... but it really makes for a poor PvP experience when everyone is the flash... especially with swamp fever

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