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Looking for server

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Valguero server with:

->Space for 100 players

->10x Taming

->8x Harvest

->3x XP

->10x Egg Hatch Speed

->10x Baby Mature


**All Engrams auto-unlock as you level up, even Tek!!**


Plus the following mods:

-Structures Plus (S+)

- Starter kit By Dingo

-Kibble Table

-Super Spyglass

-Advanced Engram Unlock

-Classic Flyers

- Valguero Dino and Map Extension by Nekatus

-Element Crafting Station by Scorpi

-Reusable Grappling Hook (Reusable Mod is crashing the server, this is the only one that doesn't.)

- StackMeMore by Simiyet



The server is in constant progress/maintenance for the enjoyment of all players~!

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Currently supporting three maps





Will be adding more as we grow


At 40/15 on Island, there is a large area blocked off by Tek Gates. This is Sanctuary. Each Tribe is entitled to a 2x2 foundation, which will be admin placed, for a vault, and cryofridges. You will be assigned a PIN code for your storage, should your tribe choose to use it.

ALL maps are open world PvP with no raiding currently on the island

Limited bans, Few mods just for ease of use, Server shop, In-game points are the only currency that we take


All are very welcome, happy hunting and we hope to see you there

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