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Tameable Deathworm


The Deathworm is a creature that I really like, it's even my favorite Scorched Earth creature and I'd love it to become tameable. To tame it will be necessary to build a special trap so that it is immobilized on the ground. It will be necessary to put the trap on the ground then to attract the Deathworm and once out of the ground the Deathworm is unable to move. Then to tame it you have to give him meat, insects, or even live dinos. Finally it will be possible to mount it with a saddle, we can go under the ground and sand and hunt without being spotted. I think I'll have fun going under the desert dunes with him. It can also be brought to the surface to order as the Basilisk.

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One of the sadest moments in Ark for me was to know that the deathworm was not tamable and ridable. With the basilisk and so many strong dinos now, I think that the Deathworm can have a little tlc to make it a desert version of the squid, so we can have this pretty thingy as a tame.

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