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pve [AUS] Ottervale 5x Valguero

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Hello there! I'm Smol, the Owner of Ottertopia and our brand new server:
[AUS] Ottervale 5x [Primal Fear, S+, CKF, AA, Eco & MORE!]
Are you looking for a PVE 5x rates server with a very friendly community that run weekly competitions/events with an active team of 6 admins on the server?
Come try out Ottervale! We've been having so many players join our server recently from old to new faces! On the 30th of June we actually hit the 40 slot cap and had to upgrade to 50 but we managed to hit 52/50 slots (with whitelisting) so we will be upgrading to 60 slots!

Map: Valguero

Mod List: (20)
1. Primal Fear: 839162288
2. Structures Plus: 731604991
3. Castles, Keeps and Forts Medieval Architecture: 764755314
4. Automated Ark: 812655342
5. Primal Fear Aberration Pack: 1315573129
6. Primal Fear Boss Pack: 899987403
7. Ultra Stacks: 761535755
8. Awesome Spyglass: 1404697612
9. Eco’s Garden Décor: 880871931
10. Eco’s RP Décor: 741203089
11. Eco’s Terrariums: 880887081
12. Eco Trees: 670764308
13. EZ Mind Wipes: 1327835335
14. Advanced Engram Unlocker: 1114986779
15. Upgrade Station: 821530042
16. Paintable Furniture: 1365639288
17. Paintable Vintage Furniture: 1658072470
18. TCs Auto Rewards: 1260983937
19. Editable UI: 924619115
20. Easy Cryo v2.0: 1771557269

Our rates:
5x harvest
5x XP
10x Taming

0.5x Stamina Drain
0.5x Food Drain
0.5x Water Drain
3x HP Recovery

Dino Points (Wild)
Dino Count: 1x
HP: 5x
Melee: 5x
Others: 1x

Dino Points (Tamed)
HP: 1x
Stam: 10x
Oxygen: 3x
Food: 10x
Weight: 10x
Melee: 0.5x
Speed: 4x

Starter Pack:
All players that join the server will be able to purchase a free Starter Pack from the TC's Auto Rewards mod and that will contain the following:
1 x Journeyman Pick
1 x Journeyman Hatchet
2000 x Cooked Fish Meat
1 x Level 900 Alpha Otter
1 x Level 900 Aberrant Otter
1 x Cryofridge

Cryopod Pack:
40 x Cryopods

We also have a few other packs in our Reward Vault such as Skins, Artifacts and more goodies! :D Coins can also be earned via Rewards

Discord: https://discord.gg/3hSehKD
Feel free to join our Discord Server to come meet and chat with new players that all enjoy playing on Ark! We're very friendly and love to meet new faces, you don't have to jump into a voice chat if you're feeling shy but there will be people that are happy to chat with you if you'd like! There you can check our #tribe-recruitment and look for new tribe mates, Exchange resources and dinos with other players or if you're in urgent need of assistance you can ask help in the #1800-admin-assistance channel for an admin to come save you :)

Feel free to contact myself if you have anymore questions :) Hope to see you on the server!!

Discord ID:


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