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allow for more effective menu settings for console players


allow for more effective menu settings for console players

i am sick and tired of pc people being able to adjust their menus better than console players. we payed the smae in cash, WE EVEN SPENT NMORE TIME DOWNLOADING, I MEAN HAVE U DEVS EVER DOWLOADED AND UPDATED ARK ON A CONSOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

and yet we get a raw deal, what is the point of having settings like 

Difficulty 1.0


DIno Count 1.0

if you can adjust them further than 1.0, i am sick of taming 150 as max lvl, and i want to be able to make rarer creatures more commom. PC players can do this so why cant we. and before someone says that console cant handle this than seriously?

servers can have up to lvl 1000000 wild dnos and run fine. hell i have even seen wild dinos pass that lvl. we consoles have payed just as much if not more on this game, and its performance is not even half as good as what it could be.

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