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Is there a good way too find the Phoenix

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  • Fly around pretty high up during the heatwave, about the same height as the top of the plateau by green.
  • Get multiple people and split up so you cover different sections of the map.
  • If you're the first one in render where the phoenix was at the end of the heatwave, you might see it turn to ash but remain visible on the ground. That's a visual glitch, it'll disappear when you leave render, but it will appear in that spot when the next heatwave starts.
  • The parasaur will detect the phoenix's ash pile, and you can fly around on a wyvern carrying a parasaur on alert mode.

It mostly just takes a lot of luck since they can spawn pretty much anywhere on the map.

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5 hours ago, Guinever said:

if it was easy to find them everyone would have loads of them i think :) they are the same on unicorns on the island servers :)

Except theres no limit to how many can be on a server and up to 3 spawn on a map at a time.


On 6/24/2019 at 3:02 AM, LEE41987 said:

Is there a good way too find the Phoenix

Me and some other players have been looking on Scorched for some Phoenixs but cant find a single one, we have tried looking everywhere but with little luck, does anyone have any tips on how to find them

Find 1 and let it turn to ash.  Trap it with 4 stone foundations encircling it.  Put 5 wall high stone doorframes to actually trap it and of course the stone ceiling on top.  The phoenix is a unique tame because it can be perfect tamed at the full 100% TE.  Best thing to do is trap it, then bring 2 decent stam fire wyverns.  When the next wave starts(use your jerboa to be there before it happens) fire breath it til u run out of stam, then have the other wyvern do the same.  By alternating you shouldnt have to worry about your stam.  Boom perfect tamed phoenix.

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