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ValguERo <=> release Xbox (ps4)

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Unable to play, just looking briefly on PC, a large number of questions pop.

When released for console is meshing going to be a report issue or ingame auto-solution? 

We are now 4 ppl that want to take the challange once more in PvP. However it might be a Extinction rerun. Last release we realised in time and started PvE with several weeks of Gatcha pick-whip-pick.

The Valguero map is so beautiful for all PvE play. However some areas are busy to the extreme and I can only see a late July console release. Judging only on PC performance that is.

From a PvP view point the Valguero map is hard and unique. Having a Mosa going from area to area is super fun but require the crystal cave (one of three entrances) surly a everyday fight. Cryopods can be used but what if all entrances are blocked. As said it is a hard map and far from Ragnarok multi-cave areas.

Holding a PvP base until WC opens the server transfer is clearly doable but after that it's just a matter of time until a 50k hp trike drains me.

For PvE the list of dream areas to build is long. For PvP I found four ideal areas but none that also have mesh protection, simply no water.

Looking at PC buggs, the worst might be a black world with floating dinos and sharks (megmegs). 

What do you think about the map?

Do you have a plan for how to start? Like find the farm at 52,54 and tame a horse then tame, tame and tame.

Counting down until release only to find one in the player group that can join and all play that character just to keep it from being kicked off the server. Like with Ragnarok release for console.

A bit long winded but be prepaired for the mayhem that awaits. I am



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Uhm, hello.

I own clusters for both PVP/PVE on PC/PS4. Having the same questions as you, don't know how this map will work in PVP. I use no offline protection so makes it even worse.

Mostly all members will transfer mains I guess, but still its interesting if this map will be viable for PVP.


Thank you !

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