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Valguero Rock Golem Transfer

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On 6/16/2020 at 1:24 PM, vittelkiller said:


Thank you for providing this (no idea why the quote itself is missing.). 

Not sure what the hell they mean though by "unable to transfer" as I just brought one to the Island only to discover it couldn't be un-cryo'd.  Silly me but I would have interpreted that to mean that you COULD NOT TRANSFER IT.  Totally separate issue, of course, from WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST FIX IT!

EDIT:  Only somewhat good news in this mess is that when I brought the cryo back to Valguero, even tho it still showed as a Rapter, it un-cryo'd fine.


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So they still have not fixed this issue. Tamed a 180 Rock Elemental last night and attempted to upload it into the Green Obelisk. The creature didn't come up as uploadable so I did the cryopod technique. After Going to my Ragnarok server and retrieving the cryopod, I kept getting the 'Cant Deploy' message. I sent it back into the obelisk in a panic and thankfully it is deploying fine back on Valguero. Its really annoying how they update the game regularly and have the time and focus to release updates to things like the Winter Event when there are still lingering bugs and issues that (from the look of this thread and countless others) need to be addressed.  

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