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pvp 10/02 - AlphaArK Cluster x20 | KITS | QUESTS4PTS | SHOP | LOOTBOX | OUTPOSTS

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steam://connect/ = DeathMatch Arena

Website: http://deluxegaming.com


Custom in game events:
- Capture the admin for pts/loot
- Ship wars
- Boss bottle arena (custom scripted plugin)
- Custom death match arena (battle for pts and loot!)

Server Plugins:
Advanced Achievements V1.0 (Achievements, rewards, stats and boss rewards.)
All Engrams V1.6 (The easy way to learn all engrams)
AntiStructureDamage V1.0 (Blocks damage to structures by specific dinos)
Ark Shop V2.8 (Shop, Currency & Kits)
DinoLootBox V1.0 (No description)
Discord Integrator V1.0 (v1.1 Beta1 - Integrates Discord)
LootBoxes V1.0 (DeluxeGaming Lootboxes)
Help Menu V1.0 (A Help menu for players)
KillFeed V2.3 (Player & Dino Death Logs)
Mutes V1.7 (Mute / IP Mute / IP Ban)
Permissions V1.5 (Manage permissions groups)
Private Message V1.6 (Ability to private message other players)
TebexArk V2.0 (Official ARK:Server API plugin for the Tebex server monetization platform)
Teleport V2.0 (Teleport Players, Dino's)
Turret Filler V1.0 (Fills all turrets and changes settings)
VoteRewards V2.0 (Reward Players for voting)
MAGA V1.1 (v1.1.1 Make Ark Great Again)


Mod List:

Gaming Mods 



Server Settings
XP: 10x
Gather: 50x
Taming: 50x
Breeding: 50x
Max Player Level: 150
Max Dino Level: 180
Max Number of Players in Tribe: 3
Max Alliances Per Tribe: 0
Player Fortitude per level multiplier: 1x
Mating Interval: 0.5x
Baby Mature Speed: 5x
Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier: 0.5x
Unlimited Respecs enabled
All Engrams able to be learned
Custom beacon drops
Admin Logging: Enabled
Third person: Enabled
Gamma: Enabled
Crosshair: Enabled
Show Floating Damage Text: Enabled
Show Map Player Location: Enabled
Spawn Animation: Disabled
Structure Placement Collision: Allowed
AntiMeshing Prevention
24 Hour AutoProtection
Offline Raid Protection kicks in after 1.5 hours.


Server Commands
/open boxname (This allows you to open lootboxes)
/boxes (This checks how many lootboxes you have.)
/gamble boxname (This allows you to gamble for a chance to win a lootbox)
/pm player message (This lets you private message a player in game)
/kills (This allows you to check how many kills needed for earning rewards)
/quests (This checks the quests in game)
/giveengrams (This unlocks your in game engrams)
/groups (This displays your current in game rank)
/turrets (This opens up turret settings in game)
/fill (This takes ammo from your players inv and plants it in turrets to fill with ammo)
/tpr playername (This sends a teleport request to a player in game)
/tpa (This accepts a players in game teleport request)
/help (This brings up a in game help menu)
/points (This allows you to check your shop in game points)
/kit (This displays all your kits in game)
/kit name (This spawns in that kit name you type)
/sell id name (This allows you to sell an item based off the item id in /shop)
/shop (This shows the shop pages each page is a number)
/buy itemname amount (This lets you buy anything from shop)
/trade 'name' amount (This will trade in game points to player)

Custom in game events:
- Capture the admin for pts/loot
- Ship wars
- Boss bottle arena (custom scripted plugin)
- Custom death match arena (battle for pts and loot!)

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