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video What Ark YTer/Streamer are you watching right now?

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What Ark YTer/Streamer are you watching right now?

I watch a lot of Ark, mostly when I'm playing the game myself. Usually I watch a series, sometimes I'll watch videos doing the same things I'm doing in game. Adds some fun for a solo player. Trying to branch out a bit from watching just Syntac, although I do like his content a lot.

I did just start watching Phlinger Phoo's latest "soloing the Ark" series. I don't need the help, but I'm interested to see how comprehensive it is and who knows, maybe he can teach an experienced player a few new tricks too. So far I can say he is doing a great job explaining everything out for newbies, but I always have to turn my volume way down because he is so loud lol, like yelling into the mic or something. It's also particularly interesting to me to see him building up like an actual newbie would and realizing just how much of the early game I outright skip these days...like I don't remember the last time I built in thatch for anything other than a cheap way of laying out a new structure, which I rarely even do with S+ these days.

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I enjoy watching Faceless Gaming because Andy and him just have fun and are not taking things very seriously. 

I started watching his Ragnarok series, before i tried the map myself (Ps4 players, always have to wait a little while 😂) and i really enjoy how much you Can learn from their mistakes even though they never try to learn you anything other than putting people in cages 😂

He currently has a Extinction playtrough and i learn a lot about where to find stuff even though they aint hard grinders. Tbh if it wasn’t for Faceless i would never have been interested in Extinction (i bought the game because of Dinos, not Robots) 

I used to like NakedZombo, but he hasn’t been very Creative in many of his last videos. 

But syntac is a legend when it comes to learning “how to ark” 😁

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