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Valguero Aberration Trench But No Drakes? What?

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So I finally made it down to the radiation zone, and idc if theres no rock drakes but why even add the trench? I went down there 6 different times to loot those drops etc. Got dog poop nothing from drops when I spent like 3 hours going back and forth trying to get stuff. Best thing I got was a master craft rock drake saddle that I can't even use because theres no rock drakes. No wonder this sever is dying so bad. What's the point? No drakes, the drops are complete dog poop, I get better stuff from the cave of wonders and it takes nothing to get there. It took a lot of effort to get into the radiation zone and for what? For nothing at all. If they don't make the drops better or add the drakes or atleast something to make the rock drake trench worth it these servers will die on their own. I'm already considering deleting the game because I only re downloaded it to play the new map and the new map is poop. An entire map of remade crap and stuff you can get on other maps, Val is pointless and a waste of time. Wc spent all that time and money to make that map for it to just flop? Rofl ik y'all can do better. Better hurry up before the new Conan update comes out or ark will die bit by bit. And what kinda pisses me off is that y'all added it to the single player mode when the ppl that play online are what make the game? Why put it none official severs but not add it to the servers the ppl Actually play on? I can bet more ppl play online then offline so DILO kind of crap is that to give it to them and not the ppl who actually make the game what it is and contribute to the activity of the game? Really wish I could get my money back for this trash game. When ark first came out I loved it more then any other survival game but now its poop, I really hope the new dlc is good because y'all keep flopping. Val sucks, so laggy and glitchy on top of everything else to. Conan exiles will steal so many ppl from you come December.

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