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some suggestions


some suggestions

i will keep adding more suggestions as well

if you like any of my suggestions feel free to mention which ones

you are more than welcome to discuss any of my suggetions

- add the option to enable and disable the events on your singleplayer and player dedicated server like on the rented servers. (added to the game)

- add tek refrigerator, tek forge, tek ac's

- add tek spyglass that not only shows the name and lv of a creature but also shows all their stats and how many point are in each stat

- tek storage structure that can only store blueprints and as long as it is powered you can access those blueprints from any replicator owned by that tribe no matter how far away it is

- tek structure that can make duplicates of blueprints for a price

- make it so you can use tek transmitters can be used to access the boss fights as on most servers the obilisks are either blocked off by other tribes creatures accidentally or are overcrowded and makes it difficult to get your creatures there to fight the boss

- add a blueprint for the harpoon gun in beacon loot crates and cave loot crates so you can have better ones. atm its just better and easier to get a better crossbow blueprint and use it instead so there is pretty much no point to it atm

- add settings to the alliance menu that allows you to set structures and/or creatures that you specifically set to be used by alliance members

- add a trade menu that you can activate by walking up to another player and hold "e" and select trade on the wheel. the trade menu will allow you to add anything in your inventory and any creature within range to the trade and both sides have to accept in order to complete the trade

- make griffins, insects, phoenix, and snakes breed-able (insects have been made breed-able)

- make wyverns and rock drakes breed-able (both are now breed-able)

- make it so that you can see what color the reaper queen is so that you know what color the reaper king will be. if you can see the colors on all the other creatures including wyverns and rock drakes you should be able to with reapers as well

- all creatures should be able to have a saddle/armor that can be crafted for them.

- prime and mutton stacks to 3 would be nice

- make foundations able to snap to ceilings

- your imprints on your creatures should be bound to your account (steam, xbox, psn) not the single character. (this would help with issues where a character is gone for whatever reason)

- add the ability to change the color of the stat meters on the right side of the screen. the blue tends to blend in with the background making it difficult to see.

- tek structure that can make a blueprint from a pre made item (items made by players cannot be turned into blueprints to prevent a crafting skill cycle)

- make it so every time you spawn you get the cosmetics from the Ab boss like how it is for the alpha king titan. (its really annoying having to defeat him over and over again when you dont

- cross platform between consoles

- an option for flyers that sets it so that when you whistle follow when they are landed they will walk to follow you instead of fly unless you are flying

- add more looks for other structures (walls, ceilings, etc) like how you started to with the foundations

- add triangle ceilings for thatch

- more variety in melee weapons. there are only really 2 aside from the ones used to knockout things.

- battle scar costumes for the creatures would be awesome

- add a tek structure that increases the chance of any creature breeding within range to get the specific mutation that you choose on the tek structure

- give all creatures that can walk on 2 legs the ability to turn like the spino can on 2 legs

- make crafting skill bonus always give the maximum percent bonus for the amount of crafting skill you have ( its really a bit much to have to grind forever to craft 100+ saddles just to get around 18 ones you will use)

- add option for structures and creatures to disable their special effects (an example would be the lighting effect the tek generator gives off while its on)


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