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Arat Prime

Before the devs live stream where we may potentially hear about a new paid DLC on top of the release of Valguero, any guesses to what it may be, or what direction you think Wildcard will take?

I’m going with Arat Prime. When approached by members of the community, Ced has been quoted as saying “Primer” causing me suspicion. For those of you know unaware, Arat Prime is in Extinction’s lore as a location on the other side of the planet. 

If you type in Mt. Arat on google, it changes to Mt. Ararat. From Wikipedia: Despite the scholarly consensus that the "mountains of Ararat" of the Book of Genesis (8:4) do not refer specifically to Mt. Ararat, it has been widely accepted in Christianity as the resting place of Noah's Ark.

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6 minutes ago, arkark said:

They already disclosed, check at their twitter

Oh, you think that there will be another DLC announced? well I dont think so. The digiorno one had the free dlc tag on the steam depot, which matches with valguero.

Maybe so but doesn’t rule out a new potential DLC announcement.

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