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Love Official PVP but hate getting wiped?

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Love Official PVP but hate getting wiped?

We here on CrossArk Ragnarok 9 (PS4, PVP, Official) are looking to repopulate the server. The recent Ark Migration left a lot of Legacy CrossArk players without a home. I'm here to tell you that the cluster for CrossArk 9 (includes all maps; Island, Center, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok, Abberation, Extinction) is looking to repopulate the servers with new tribes, members, etc. Low population so it's ideal to join and build up defenses and tames. If you join the server with cooperation amongst other tribes in mind, you'll have the time and space to level and get your tribe in order!

If you're dreading starting over from level 1, feel free to message me on here and we can let you use our grinder to get levels! Good luck and keep on surviving. 

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