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pve [PC] 🪐 Equinox - Balanced PvE since 2017 | ASA | Cryopods | QoL+ | Shiny Dinos


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Equinox is a relaxed, no drama PvE focused ARK space since 2017

Throughout the years many passionate breeders, creative builders and brave adventurers have passed through our community. We invite you to join our organized Discord server where you can find more info on our rules, settings, mods and plugins. Should you need any assistance, our helpful community can point you in the right direction. If you're new to the game, we encourage you to join!

Discord: https://discord.gg/jxusChJ9RB

Dedicated Hardware

  • Intel i7-12700K, Crucial P5 Plus, 128GB DDR4

ASA Servers

  • The Island
  • Scorched Earth (December)
  • Aberration (Q1 2024)
  • Ragnarok (Q1 2024)


  • Currently very active, seeing peaks of 30-50+ players in the evenings
  • Dedicated hardware for a lag free experience
  • Equalized dino levels to be on par with Ragnarok and Valguero
  • Helpful community and active admins

Note: Please read the #community-rules channel on Discord. Server Information can be found in the #asa-information channel

Cluster Settings

  • Wild Level: 150
  • Experience: 1x
  • Taming: 3x
  • Gathering: 1x
  • Breeding: 7x


  • Ark Additions (temporarily removed due to crash issues)
  • Ascended Cosmetics
  • Custom Dino Levels
  • Pelayori's Cryo Storage
  • QoL+ (select features from S+ such as item pulling, omnitool, etc)
  • Shiny! Dinos Ascended
  • Super Spyglass Plus

We'll be adding in other mods such as Castles, Keep & Forts and Paleo Ark Legends once they release and are stable.

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