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pvp Argo 5man 8X/8T/12H -CLUSTER-

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Argo [Wip 6/13] 5man 8X/8T/12H -CLUSTER- 

Server Settings

  • 120Max Player level 
  • 150 Max dino level (Difficulty 7.0)
  • 8x Experience
  • 8x Gathering
  • 8x Taming (7x if done via immersive taming mod)
  • 10x Hatching/Gestation
  • 15x Maturation
  • 0.5x Breeding Cooldown
  • 2x Egg Laying
  • Platform dinos and raft structure limit 2x
  • Water decrease slightly slower

Quality of Life Mods:

  • Structures Plus
  • Stacking mod
  • Super Spyglass
  • Better Reusables
  • TCs Auto Rewards

Cosmetic Mods

  • Rare Sightings
  • Cross Aberration
  • Offline Guard System




Rag http://server-koeaprmh.arkers.io/

Ext http://server-sxwtpwpd.arkers.io/

Island  http://server-amrmetvw.arkers.io/


  • Minimal admin interactions, minimum rules
  • Admin Support via tickets (generates a private room between players and the support team's
  • There are event's hosted by admins
  • No admin spawned in Dino's or structure's besides events 
  • The server is run by votes, so everything is up for change if the server wants it.


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I have played on this server for a couple days now and I really like the rates. I have played on this server in America and Europe and I hardly noticed a difference in ping. There is little to no lag and all the mods are great for quality of life! I recommend this cluster for anyone that likes to play ark that also doesn't want to poor endless hours in farming and taming.

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