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pve [XBOX]Hive Isles 24/7 best mating settings/balanced rates for progression

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[XBOX]Hive Isles 24/7 best mating settings/balanced rates for progression

Hello everyone!

I'm hosting a dedicated server cluster on Xbox. This is a server that is slightly boosted since I have a busy work and baseball schedule. Since I'd like to share what I have I decided to open a server to the public. For my first paycheck I opened up 2 servers to start with, and with increasing popularity of the server I will open up more. Also, don't worry about server shutdowns, this is going to be a long running server cluster.

ADMINS: I as well as my friends are hands off, meaning we do not cheat to get an edge against things and will not help others cheat.

OUR DISCORD (Preferred to have to communicate w/ admins): https://discord.gg/dEmVS9F


HOW TO FIND US: Go to PC Unofficial and search "Hive Isles" - We are hosted by Nitrado on a Miami US Server

24/7 Rag PvE

24/7 Rotating Aberration, Extinction, Scorched, Island (will rotate upon request)


Difficulty 5 to increase chance of max lvl dinos to spawn for taming and breeding (max lvl is 150)

0.0 Mating interval

75x hatch speed

50x maturation (100% imprinting is possible)

5x gather

15x taming

3x XP

Player/Dino stats slightly boosted

SERVER EVENTS: As of right now, we plan on having server events that you have the option to participate in when 

PvP (separate server), building contest, risk/reward (as seen on loverfella), dino fighting, 1v1 arena and much more.

Providing more information

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