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dragon Dragon Maximum Fire Damage?

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Dragon Maximum Fire Damage?

Does the dragon's fire attack have a maximum damage output?

The official wiki page for the dragon (https://ark.gamepedia.com/Dragon#Alpha) makes this statement:

The firebreath-attack yields up to 2000 damage (probably depending on the amount of flames the target is covered with) and is applied over a time of 10s. The flame-damage is not affected by the Melee Damage-Stat and thus cannot be increased by level-ups.

Is this old, outdated information? Is it just plain wrong? I've searched everywhere and can't find anywhere else that talks about the Enflamed status effect having a maximum damage output. All I find is people complaining about 20% in 10 seconds is ridiculous. BUT if it does have a cap at 2000 damage over 10 seconds, then any creature over 10,000 health doesn't actually lose 20% health when Enflamed. I'm asking because it determines how I level my rexes. All melee or split between health and melee. Thanks


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