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Tek cave and losing rexs, alot

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Tek cave and losing rexs, alot

Hello fellow survivors

I really do love this game i find it so addictive I don’t no how to find how many hours I’ve put in already but I think it’s a lot, but there is so much to do for a solo player.  I play on my 2 rented servers on Xbox, a friend used to play but he got fed up with the  performance issues the game can suffer from. We didn’t ever tackle any of the bosses it was just building taming and breading and surviving. I’ve only just started on the bosses so I thought il have ragnarok as the main server and use the other server to go through the maps beating the bosses and all that stuff. So I’m on the island I’ve beat the alpha bosses now I want to ascend. But I keep losing my Rex’s and it’s getting harder and harder to keep starting again and its always better having a battle buddy anyway. So I guess this is a call to arms I’m after recruiting a new tribe member or 2  that fancy’s going through each map beating the bosses and ascending until the new map comes out🤞🏻 Just chilling and enjoying the game. 

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