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EU-PVE-Official-Ragnarok210 OffLine

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Weird, I play on that server sometimes, and been breeding wyvs and basilos there for the last 5 days until yesterday at 18pm or so and did not notice any outage, nevertheless a 24h  one I would have noticed (and reported) for sure.

This server really need an improved machine btw, the stalls due to saves are really long and despite it was working in good condition after last maintenanced in which it was taken apart from 211 it is now lagging again.

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Oh, I just realized your screenshot is wrong, you are showing an screen of the old server (prior to maintenance).

You screenshot is taken from here:


The correct EU Ragnarok 210 page on battlemetrics is:


You can notice the port changed, it was ending in 21, after the maintenance it ends in 17, so it explains why its duplicated on battlemetrics. Due to that, also, you ARK client can be failing to connect to it, if you are connecting from the favourites tab.

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