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Community Crunch 185: The Great Migration

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2 things needing fixed on this post.  I'm gonna lose my job!

Actually, in 2025 June 17th will be on a Tuesday. but that's a long time to wait.

Dates are fixed   Thanks for pointing out my error.

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Wow so great. Removing servers that no one plays on. The community DEFINITELY dosent want new servers like duo servers, ESPECIALLY not console, whos last servers where small tribes. People definitely arent quitting the game for the lack of not being able to build up. Btw if u couldnt tell i was being sarcastic :/. #RIPARK2019. Great work devs ?


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On 6/10/2019 at 8:50 PM, Rattasaur said:

I know that there are admin commands and such to tweak stacknsize but for official, given the meager boosts stat points give, could you even carry 500 wood or iron ore?

As an unofficial server operator, I can honestly say that stack size increases help a lot. Even if you can't move with the weight, it's helpful when transferring from dino to storage. And the handling of all of the light things like fiber, thatch, chitin, hide is much improved.

Also, high-qual items can require more cap than an official workstation can hold, making you wait until you have a tek replicator or forcing you to work around with a high-weight argy.  Generally it's the light items like hide and fiber that push the limit, so increasing stack for those items is very helpful for avoiding the slot-cap problem on workstations.

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This is for all of u pro ark players. me and my friend are trying to complete all the maps. but we are stuck on the island. and the reason to that is we cant find any high quality look. like for example i want to find something like a Mastercraft compound bow. any tips that anyone can give me on how to find something like that. that is besides the supply drops and alpha drops. if you know how to can u let me know how. Thank you too everyone who can help....

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On 6/15/2019 at 8:54 AM, Rattasaur said:

I believe it's called init file commands?

It basically changing the code or something to increase stack size.

Never done it personally. But the unifficial server I play on has most things stack to 10k except ammo.

well i know about the INI File thing but there is currently no known in-game Admin Command to change the stack size of items and you have to add the command line in which i can't remember what it was :(

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