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must have dinosaurs in ark


must have dinosaurs in ark

here is a list of dinos that should come to ark now that new dinos r being added agina from what we know

1. styracysuarus (ceratopsian)

2. edmontosaurus (large iguannadon)

3. stygimolic (related to pachy)

4. dracorex ( related to pachy)

5. hatzogopteryx (pterosaur)

6. albertosaurus

7. suchomimus

8. deinosuchus ( huge croodilian)

9. struthiomimus ( galli)

10. huayangosaurus ( stegosaurian)

11. chunkingosaurus (stegosaurian)

12. torosaurus (ceratopsian)

13. torvosaurus 

these r the few i am posting, upvote to make devs see this. sorry for bad spelling, i going off the top of my head. i wille dit later on but feel free to add to this. and remember to upvote

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some more creatures

Hatzogopteryx: able to glide and dive bomb, able to impale creatures while diving, able to go in the water (cause it lived out at sea), smaller than a quetze, but bigger than a tapjar

velociraptor:  live in packs, r smarter than other creatures, use communiction to hunt, can pounce onto survivors and attack them.

plz if u have anymore dino ideas plz post them

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