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Introducing the Deinonychus!

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Does this means that they will speed up incubation and breeding process? ?

don't even care. can hear roleplayers fapping in the background but i know they will be ridiculously unbalanced and get nerfed 5 times, at which point the same pve scrubs start the mutiny...as always.

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8 minutes ago, Warcriminal8 said:

Lol, servers are all down right now for official pve on Xbox and ps4, also pvp

But dont worry the problems that are a direct result of failed coding or unstable servers isnt answered half the time, then two months later you get a ray of hope to have em tell you they can only do so much while literally standing infront of you in God mode and could easily replace everything that was lost because of their incompetence. Just how I'm starting to feel

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Perhaps this means total assimilation if the mod. Good it is one of the best mods in the workshop. Please keep the sea turtles and even the fast ugly fish. Please combine this with a tlc for some of the original dinos. Pteranodon needs to be relevant again. I remember taming my first flyer 4 years ago in early access. The first time you take flight....... Ahh what a feeling.

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17 hours ago, Nothuman1 said:

Not really no not likely that it dose torpor it has different mechanics jumping and climbing instead if running and hiding also you have to steal eggs and it probably does a bleed so it's only similar to the troodon in size (maybe) and look (not really) 

Size is obviously not the same as a troodon as the dossier shows a human with a club having one knocked out. The creature is larger then a raptor. 

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So it sounds like you have to steal eggs and hatch them like drakes and wyverns, but then you can breed them, and you might have to deal with giga or gacha levels of food consumption for babies instead of getting venom or milk. And then it sounds like they might enrage giga-style around fertilized eggs.

The latching attack sounds megalosaurus-like and could be a lot of fun if you can do it riding a tamed one.

Just my interpretation and best guess, regardless I like how they're adding something unique and different.

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