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Introducing the Deinonychus!

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Does this means that they will speed up incubation and breeding process? ?

don't even care. can hear roleplayers fapping in the background but i know they will be ridiculously unbalanced and get nerfed 5 times, at which point the same pve scrubs start the mutiny...as always.

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The Deinonychus is also fiercely territorial near nests with eggs, even if the eggs aren't its own.

Hmm I wonder about this line and the picture under it. It seemed to be awake and curled in a ball but not knocked unconscious. Could these dinos have the tendency to curl up on their nests or random eggs to hide them, then attack when someone comes near? It would make egg stealing a lot more difficult, and likely harder to find. I’ve had  megalosaurus attack in such a manner, which can be hard to see some times when their sleeping in the bushes and camouflage colored, this would be a perfect tactic for a protective stealth hunter.

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22 minutes ago, Kodking194 said:

behold the new king of ark, the brachi. i will have these set all around my base

That baby is too OP :P I can't imagine WildCard not nerfing the guy's harvesting abilities at the very least. And that stomp, oh boy (did you know the Ark Additions Brachio can stomp underwanter... and kill the fishies around even though they are clearly not on land ? #arkphysics).
Don't get me wrong, I like the Brachio, but WildCard seems to have a tendency to think that we only deserve pain, suffering, and spending a lot of time to do things. The Brachio is too beautiful for this world.

This being said, I ADORE its taming mechanism. It's truly unique and it takes some time to master. It's a precision job (taming is rarely about precision in Ark), it requires a lot of ammo (and no tranq), it's something you can't improvise... it's not something you can do randomly just because you happened to run into one, you have to plan a bit ahead and put in some skill. The Ark Additions brachio is the epitome of adding new challenges to an aging game with just a couple of great ideas.
TL;DL : please don't change the taming method for the brachio if it's included.

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i think its going to be cool to have another dino in which u have to steal its eggs to tame it, and you cant knock it out its to aggressive it will turn on you if you even tame it good luck


oh and i don't know, if im able to do this but for all you xbox player's i have a easy craft server 100xharv 100xweight 100xtaming speed 100xhatching speed the name if fiber-familyXD

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