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1 hour ago, Lycan187u said:

XD it's raptor  jesus....

Or raptor claws. Tame hime and he just keeps on giving you gifts.

32 minutes ago, d1nk said:

Wha? Im behind on my crunches! Off to the crunch page~~


edit: Looks like a giant microraptor :o Alpha microraptors!! Lol jk.

It'll fly around like an argy taking people of griffin and wyverns and can also phase through walls. No where would be safe. 

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7 minutes ago, Lycan187u said:

It's velociraptor  I'm 99%sure


Willing to put a bet on it 😛 Would be nice to get something a bit more obscure. Am personally hoping for something bigger than a velociraptor, mind you they could just supersized it like they did to the giga so its not tiny.

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